Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome Fine-line's brand new blog!

Fine-line now also has a blog - to keep you updated with what's going on behind the scenes. 

I do a monthly editorial illustration for Go! magazine, which is an awesome client to work for. They allow me do almost whatever I want - I don't even have to send rough sketches. As it is a travel magazine, the articles can drive one mad with jealousy. People get paid to travel (!) and I get paid to draw what they write about what they experienced - which is also not bad.

So November's article by Kate Sherry was about the spoils of a hot bath after hard travelling, as the blurb states:

"Life’s simplest pleasures – like taking a hot bath – can be its greatest pleasures too. Just as long as there’s really hot water in the pipes, and if you can figure out which tap is the hot one, before it’s too late…"

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  1. That article literally made my cry. Love the unshaven legs you gave her! :)