Saturday, April 23, 2016

Afrikaans teenage poetry anthology

Hi Everyone
I was recently tasked with illustrating a poetry anthology for teenagers - a job which I found quite demanding. After the text has been set on the page, there is often very little space on the page left to do illustration. The challenge is also not to be too literal about the content - so in some cases a texture or visual mood would suffice. But that is not my natural inclination. I lean towards a figurative and conceptual approach, stylized with bold linework. And lastly, being a mother of small children, I find it really hard to relate to the teenagish content. The gap between wiping bottoms and dealing with identity issues is quite big at the moment...But hey, it was a great challenge and I am happy with the result. Below are some pics

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New PPC Animation

Hi again
Here is the new animation in the PPC series. This one is all about PPC being world class - and what keeps them from it.

May 2016 illustration for GO! maggazine

Hi Everyone

Mountain Therapy is the the title of May 2016's illustrated article.

"Spending time in mountains can do wonders for body and soul. The 650 km long Rim of Africa Trail – which starts near Clanwilliam and ends in Knysna – gives you plenty of opportunity to reboot your hard-drive. Toast Coetzer walked only a fraction of the trail, but felt like cashing in all his leave by the end of it."

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New work

Hi Everone. Here are some quick updates on my recent work.
Go Magazine recently published a guide to travelling Namibia, featuring one of my illustrations.  To get your hands on a copy of the guide click here.

I also recently did a poster for a mining company in Mozambique. This poster ties in with previous work I did for them. Scroll down to see an example.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Go illustration

Hi all

After a long absence, here is another editorial illustration for Go Magazine.

"We all love to travel to the ends of the world, but the exotic stories we bring back from those places can’t be the only memories we take with us to the old age home. Sophia van Taak believes we must also turn the ordinary into extraordinary memories."