Thursday, November 19, 2015

Big thumbs up to Conceptual eyes!

I recently collaborated with a company called Conceptual eyes (
And was I impressed. Conceptual eyes is a one of a kind South African company. They use all kinds of creative techniques (graphic facilitation, graffiti artists etc)  and methods to tailor make creative communication solutions for businesses. Obviously, the part that I am the most interested in is that they use graphic facilitation as one of their strategies – which is what I was sub contracted for.

Compared to the overseas market, graphic facilitation is relatively unknown in South Africa, with only a few practitioners going it on their own as freelancers. Conceptual eyes bridge a very important gap for me. They do the hard yards in terms of hustling the corporate market and bring in the creatives to do what they are good at.

Most importantly, they are educating the market about graphic facilitation and what it can do and is simultaneously creating an appetite for it in the marketplace. And as a result, everybody benefits.
And they treat you like absolute royalty.A big thumbs up to conceptual eyes!

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