Friday, January 22, 2016

The new here is year!

2015 ended in a hurricane of freelance projects and it seems as if the storm is continuing into 2016. I'm obviously grateful for a busy January, although a gradual acclimatization to work would have been kinder to my holiday brain.

Anyway, here we are! Happy 2016. Below is my Go! illustration for February - a visual reminder that the holiday is over.

A thirst for travel
 Some special drinks stay with you long after your glass is empty. Intrepid traveller Nick Dall indulges in a spot of nostalgia as he travels around the world in a fistful of drinks.

Last year ended with an animation in collaboration with Six degrees. (See below...)

...and a poetry book for teenagers.

Currently I'm working on a colouring book about Nelson Mandela's life (no sneek peeks allowed), some more educational illustration, a corporate animation and an illustrated map. And some graphic facilitation for Conceptual Eyes in between.

All the best for 2016!

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