Thursday, October 6, 2016

Africa Evidence Network Conference

The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) conference was held from 20-22 September at the CSIR in Pretoria.  I was privileged to do the graphic facilitation at this fantastic event and to be submerged into a subculture that I did not know existed. The AEN is a collection of researchers (social political, scientific, environmental etc) and policy makers that aim to bridge the gap between research and policy decisions. Policy decisions in government is often not informed enough by research. Some of the reasons are that the policy makers are not aware of the research that is being done, the research is not in plain understandable language and other factors, such as politics, take priority in decision making. The AEN aims to connect these the different parties to create an environment where it is easier to make evidence informed policy decisions. Apart from the interesting people and content, it was also the best organised conference I have attended. Well done to the Conference Consultancy team!

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